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Kulma21 – exquisite modern office space in Helsinki city centre

The historic KY Building downtown Helsinki will soon be reborn as Kulma21. Developed by NCC, the project offers a rare treat for companies looking for high-quality urban office space. Right here, in these modern spaces recreated with respect to tradition, you will find the middle of everything.

When NCC’s Sales Manager Otto Ahtola heard about the new property development project in central Helsinki, he became immediately enthused.

”I didn’t study business science, but was a frequent visitor to the second floor and the disco in the KY Building then owned by the business student union. It’s great to be part of a project like this which is seldom on offer. I trust the central location and the project in itself will be a huge success,” Ahtola smiles.

Urban, high-quality office space

The construction of Kulma21 was launched in spring 2021 with dismantling works whereby the building was stripped down to its framing to enable building office spaces. By spring 2023, something entirely new and unique will have been created at this central site.

”With all of the successful ingredients – an architecturally important historic site, top location and modern offices as in a new building – we can offer headquarters-level premises for companies that appreciate quality city life with an interesting history,” Ahtola summarises.

The space solutions are flexible and accommodating in view of versatile business needs. The space sizes range from 200 to 6,000 square metres. The best advantages of the historic building are its exceptional room height and other details to convey the spirit of old times.

Handsome floors and unique details

One of Kulma21’s highlights is its top floor (seventh by Finnish standards) which will be entirely re-built with new ridge roofs. The wall facing south is glazed, and there is a handsome roof terrace with fabulous urban views.

”For a company that picks the top floor all this will be a great bonus. The spaces are built to fulfil every wish of the future tenant. If you want a sauna with a roof terrace, you can get one here,” Ahtola says.

”The second floor is captivating with its over four-metre height and windows spanning almost from floor to ceiling. The total floor area is about one thousand square metres of which half will be placed in the tall window section. What an amazing choice for a company that appreciates versatile opportunities and high visibility,” Ahtola adds.


One could not imagine a better location

Kulma21 is an extremely attractive site. Located at the corner of Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu and Fredrikinkatu streets in central Helsinki, the building is only a stone cast away from all services: cafés, restaurants, shops and hotels.

”The street level of Kulma21 will be built with lobby services, conference rooms and an independent restaurant that serves office tenants and other city dwellers. There will also be a dedicated gym on the basement floor, spacious areas for bike parking and staff facilities,” Ahtola explains.

One could not imagine a better location, for Kulma21 can be reached by all modes of transport: the metro, buses, trains and trams. You can ride the bike along the Baana light traffic route almost to the door of Kulma21, and everything is within walking distance.


A sustainable project with unique features

As the first project in Finland, Kulma21 is built to level Excellent as per the BREEAM environmental rating criteria for renovation projects. The building is also recognised as part of cultural environment of nation-wide importance by the National Board of Antiquities.

Sustainability means many different things, including location, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, natural light, adjustable lighting systems depending on the time of the day and presence, automatic indoor temperature control, water-saving sanitary equipment, efficient waste management and low-carbon materials.

”Saving the building’s healthy framing instead of demolishing it is also in line with sustainable development where carbon footprint is concerned. Environmental aspects can also be considered by adding green canopies, planters and bug hotels,” Ahtola says.

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Kulma21 fulfils headquarters-level wishes

The renovation project aims at restoration of the building’s original value. The colour-conditioning is designed as per the Scandinavian tradition respecting the building history. Preference is given to wood and natural colours in the selection of materials and colours – all this, of course, considering the wishes of the future tenants.

”This is a top-quality project which corresponds to a new building. Kulma21 fulfils headquarters-level requirements and allows for modifiability to suit different situations and many different companies. There is also the option to combine spaces on two floors with interior stairs,” Ahtola says.

”We have already prepared for the post-pandemic demand for office space. We develop offices for various corporate cultures which are as many as the companies themselves. The world is changing all the time, so must the functionality of office spaces.”


  • NCC’s development project; upgrading of the former business student union building into a versatile office building to support good working culture of the future.
  • First project to be implemented to level Excellent as per the BREEAM environmental rating for renovations in Finland.
  • Kulma21 has a central location with immediate access to versatile services and traffic services.
  • Kulma21 offers 7,700 square metres of office space to let.


Read more and have a look at the office spaces: kulma21.com

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